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Do Body Wraps Help You Lose Weight?

I have heard this question asked many times before and I am sure I will hear it again. I know also see misinformation out there about how body wraps supposedly shrink fat cells. It's amazing what some people will believe when sorted bogus information seems to back up crazy claims.

Body Wraps Do Help Lose Weight...with a Twist

However, you might be interested to know that body wraps can actually help you lose weight. They can also help you lose inches. But you have to know that these losses are temporary. You can have numerous body wraps that contain minerals, enzymes curbs, mud, clay, seaweed..etc. but the only thing you'll be losing at the end of the body wrap session will be water weight. It will not only allow you to lose weight but also inches.

Body Wraps Don't Burn Fat

These body wraps or sauna wraps... whatever you call them, they will not be able to burn any fat off your body. People will continue to claim that this actually happens but it does not.

Listen to the Professionals

You will continually find out from professionals, whether they be doctors or other type experts that really know what they're talking about... they will tell you that fat can only be reduced through some type of effort through eating less (or reducing your food intake) and increasing your daily activity. Actually, the combination of both of these will be most effective for losing fat. You'll not only lose fat but also become more healthy and thereby have more energy to do the things you want throughout the day.

Future Promotion of Body Wraps

In the future, you'll undoubtedly see companies or people claim that fat loss can happen through these body wraps or other similar products without increasing your activity or reducing your caloric intake. If you see these claims, something should trigger your thinking into seeing this as a “scam”. At that point, you should simply stay away from these services or products unless maybe you simply want to experience a nice feeling of having your body wrapped. However, don't expect fat reduction from these services or products.

The Federal Trade Commission on Body Wraps

You might note that the Federal Trade Commission has already taken steps to discipline companies that use false advertising for promoting body wraps. Too many of these companies were making false claims and charging their customers for unmet results. Some of these companies had to pay hefty fines for their inept advertising.

The Experience May Be Nice..But That's All You'll Get

Some who read this might simply enjoy going to day spas to have treatment like this performed on them. Maybe they simply like the experience they receive by being treated like royalty or VIPs. Having body wraps or anything else done at the spas may provide a great experience. Doing this for the experience will certainly be beneficial in many peoples view. However, if part of their motivation for going through these day spa experiences comes from wanting to lose inches and weight, they will be fooling themselves.... or allowing the day spa to fool them. The average person that doesn't want to be ripped off may not like the fact that there money spent has not helped them lose inches and pounds.